July 19, 2021

Updated: Sunday, July 18, 2021, 9:58 PM

Destined for War
Current reading. Every day another story shines a light on the consequence of China's eYuan. I wanted more context, so I grabbed this off the shelf where it's been living for a couple years. The book is full of reminders about the speed and scale of Chinese change and growth in recent history, the kind of facts that sound like exaggerations, but they're not. They're set against a backdrop of analysis of other times in history a rising power has unseated an incumbent. 14 of the 16 times studied, the outcome was war. My perspective is that there is a missing component here -- it's hard to talk about states without talking about global companies. Companies have more trust than either government or media. And their imperialism is built in.
Becoming your safe gateway to all your crypto services with Ledger Apps Catalog | Ledger
Announcing Ledger Live Apps... Making Web3 both easier to use (no "connect" in the upper right!) and more secure (Web3 hardware! Secure element! Secure memory! What you see is what you sign! No blind signing!). This is a big deal.
Biz Markie, Hip-Hop’s ‘Just a Friend’ Clown Prince, Dies at 57
I didn't really know Biz but I was a genuine fan of the man and the legends about him. It was like living in a dream to be around him when he replaced A Tribe Called Quest for a few dates on the 1998 Beastie Boys tour (Phife was sick and needed to take a few dates off). I have memories of trying to block Biz's one-handed jump shot and him buying the same Sony digital camera as me (the one w the 3" CD-ROMs). Biz loved all kinds of music and the stories about how far his tastes traveled are my favorites. RIP to a true original.
Today, we launched Ration.
Ration is now available in the Apple App Store! Congrats Zoë and team! Read this for the origin story. Ping me if you want an invite.
You’ve been invited to Ration…now what?
Here's the first "How to Use Ration" post. Get into it!
A cybercrime story that couldn't happen in any other era.
Earth Trip, by Rose City Band
Another one from the prolific Ripley Johnson (Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo). Beautiful.
Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, OH, by Various Artists
Amazing compilation of recordings from Cleveland's Boddie Recording Company.