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Weekly Ration Dec 4

Updated: 3 days ago

I love listening to Raoul Pal. As a macro economist he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. But unlike many steeped in the old school he's EXCITED about the revolution of value rather than scared. He leans in to challenging topics, imagines what future might be coming our way, and thinks about how each of us might impact it. It's a pleasure to get to know him a bit, and an honor to be on his show! (You can watch the video for free but it requires registration.)
The Revolution Will Be Digitized | Real Vision
My talk at Parsons regarding NFTs and more.
Ian Rogers @ Parsons Paris 28 October 2021, "Digital Assets: Hype or The Future of Fashion?"
Finally reading this after hearing Chris Dixon mention it on two different podcasts...
The Company : A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea
Tim Ferriss interviews Chris Dixon and Naval Ravi ant. If you want to understand why / how Web3 is more than a fad and will without question have a long term impact on humanity, this is a must listen.
Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant on Tim Ferriss — The Wonders of Web3 And Much More
Great interview with Brian Armstrong from Coinbase. Hearing Brian say the future is self custody remind me of hearing AOL say the future was the Web... Right in both cases... We believe the same at Ledger...
91 - CEO Brian Armstrong and The Future of Coinbase
Bankless does it again. I queued this to the point you need to hear, where Chris Giancarlo explains clearly why money and freedom are linked -- economic liberty.
92 - The Fight for the Future of Money | CryptoDad Chris Giancarlo
M.I.A. on crypto, NFTs and more. I respect and relate to her irreverance. After reading this I bid 11 ETH on her new song, and lost. Which turns out to be an amazing way to get a ton of followers on Foundation for $30.
M.I.A. on Crypto, Assange and Her New Album
Great new album from Theon Cross, sometimes known as the tuba in Sons of Kemet.
Intra-I, by Theon Cross
This has been on repeat as of late.
Bloodmoon: I, by Converge & Chelsea Wolfe
Thanks to my daughter for the gift -- she knows my taste! The possible ends of the universe and what we can learn by exploring these possibilities. Working my way through this quick read this weekend.
The End of Everything by Katie Mack